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our story

bfruitful freeze dried fruits sprouted from our family’s need to provide nutritious, but still equally delicious, snacks for our children -- Augie, Matty and Sophie. Amid demanding careers, endless activities and joyful family chaos, we found this need difficult to achieve! We sought out snacks our children would eat eagerly. We searched, and searched, and searched some more . . . but most healthy snacks were immediately rejected as inedible (think barley cookies) – and most “fruit” snacks had anything but fruit in them.

Though it’s not always easy to make the healthiest choices when you’re on the go, everything you and your tribe eat matters greatly. bfruitful bursts with natural flavor and maintains nearly all the health benefits of fresh fruit! Plus, and this a HUGE PLUS, it is freshly harvested, carefully washed, sliced and ready to eat . . . anytime and anyplace! We do all the work for you, including convincing your crew that healthy can be crave-worthy. We do this so you and yours can focus on what matters most . . . living your most fruitful life!

bfruitful is perfect as a snack, or in yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, smoothies, trail mixes, granola and much more.